Job – Clinical Data Curator

Posted: 12 March 2012 by Alistair Miles in Jobs, Uncategorized

We’re advertising for a clinical data curator, here’s a snippet from the job ad:

Applications are invited for a MalariaGEN Clinical Data Curator to work in a data-sharing community developing new tools to control malaria by integrating epidemiology with genome science.

You will be a member of the MalariaGEN resource centre and will focus on MalariaGEN consortial data. This data relates to three of our human consortial projects; Genetic determinants of resistance to malaria; Genetic determinants of the immune response to malaria and Human genome variation in malaria-endemic regions.

…the actual work involves curating large amounts of clinical data relating to cases of severe malaria from Africa. The data originate from different countries, studies, research groups, … basically the data can be quite heterogeneous, and needs to be carefully managed, standardised and quality controlled to enable the data to be aggregated then analysed.

Dealing with clinical research data on this scale has been an ongoing challenge for our team for many years, and remains a critical part of realising MalariaGEN‘s studies of human resistance to malaria. If you enjoy dealing with real-world data management problems, have an interest in the life sciences and/or public health, and enjoy working with a diverse community of people from different parts of the world, your application would be very welcome.

Further details are available at the link below:


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