Job – Scientific Product Manager

Posted: 12 March 2012 by Alistair Miles in Jobs

Just a brief post to say that we’re advertising for a Scientific Product Manager. This may not be obvious at a glance, but this job is primarily about management of web and data products – previous experience in science is desirable but not necessary, applications are very welcome from anyone with a passion for developing and delivering high quality web and data products. Here’s a snippet from the job ad:

MalariaGEN aims to produce global data on natural genetic variation in parasite, mosquito and human populations, and to deliver these data via the website, alongside web tools which add value by enabling people to explore, understand and analyse the data. Some of these web and data products are intended for unrestricted use by the malaria research and public health community, to inform future research directions and malaria control policy. Other web and data products are being developed for private use by researchers contributing to MalariaGEN community projects, and provide a key incentive to participation in MalariaGEN, e.g., secure web tools providing access to fine-grained genetic data on individual samples.

We have a unique opportunity for a Product Manager to take responsibility for the development and delivery of MalariaGEN web and data products relating to genome sequencing, genotyping and population genetic data from Plasmodium, Anopheles and human populations.

The job is being advertised both at Sanger and Oxford because you could be based at either location. Here are the job ads in full:


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