Jobs – Scientific Software Engineering

Posted: 23 March 2012 by Alistair Miles in Jobs

We’re advertising for software engineers, the job title says “scientific” but no previous experience of scientific programming is required, applications are very welcome from anyone with a strong software engineering background and an interest in the life sciences and/or public health.

We’re advertising at both Sanger (near Cambridge) and Oxford, see the following links for job descriptions and information on how to apply:

Here’s a snippet from the job ad:

MalariaGEN aims to produce global data on natural genetic variation in parasite, mosquito and human populations, and to deliver these data via the MalariaGEN website, alongside web tools which add value by enabling people to explore, understand and analyse the data. Some of these web and data products are intended for unrestricted use by the malaria research and public health community, to inform future research directions and malaria control policy. Other web and data products are being developed for private use by researchers contributing to MalariaGEN community projects, and provide a key incentive to participation in MalariaGEN, e.g., secure web tools providing access to fine-grained genetic data on individual samples.

We have a unique opportunity for Software Engineers to take a key role in the development and implementation of software projects relating to MalariaGEN web and data products.

The job description has a bit more background:

MalariaGEN continues to present many challenges that require development of new software applications. These include:

  • Web applications to present and visualise complex data

  • Software for data analysis and analysis pipelines, typically compute-intensive involving terabytes of data

  • Laboratory information management systems (LIMS) to keep track of samples, data and high-throughput experiments

  • Business and collaboration systems to administrate and coordinate a complex global research network, and to enable partners from different institutions to share information and effectively work together

The Web continues to be our primary platform for delivering software applications, and we have specialist expertise in Web application development and Web standards within the team. However we also develop other types of application as the problem requires.

Members of the software engineering team are equally capable of working across all stages of the software project life cycle, from requirements analysis and design through to implementation and testing, and we support the development of skills and experience across these different areas.

All software we develop is or will be released under an open source license. We also make use of existing open source software where possible and actively contribute to a number of open source projects. An interest in open source software and previous experience of participation in open source projects is an advantage.

We are working in a fast-moving area of scientific research, and we are constantly having to innovate. However, we also have a strong focus on the scientific robustness of the products delivered by MalariaGEN, and value a dedication to quality and sound engineering practices.



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